Wyrms in the Verse

Personal Medical Journal entry #24786– Captains’ Crazy. But it’s not his fault. -PRIVATE

Entry by Shepherd Concord

During the examination on Wen I noticed a couple well healed scared around the hair line that I suspect are from a procedure involving down to his temporal cortex. Running the best rudimentary scan I could given the available tools, I have determined that something has indeed taken place but the extent I can not be certain of. Early indications are that it pertains to reasoning, functioning and is also heavily involved in semantics both in speech and vision. Captain’s behavior on the last journey has been something if not peculiar. His actions were not those he normally demonstrated and when confronted he became belligerent and ordered those persons to return to what they were doing. While I didn’t suspect he was placing us in danger… well, more than he normally does, I did notice that once our current task was completed his demeanor has returned to its normal off beat self. If this behavior resurfaces I might be force to relieve the captain of his command. The problem with that action is that none of this crew is capable of doing the job (safely) and I have no taste for it. The best course of action would be the next time we are at a location with proper equipment, have the procedure reversed. But my surgical experience with lobotomies is limited to 3 procedures and only those as an attending. A vegetable captain would not be very efficient.



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