Wyrms in the Verse

I no longer feel safe...

posted by: Joshua Chambers

...not that I ever really did. This latest thing with the captain has really wigged me out. To learn that the captain is more than likely kwong-juh duh and that the alliance is probably responsible is not the thing my hiding from parliament butt needs to deal with right now. I think we’ll get through this but only because I’m jen duh sh tyen tsai and I’ll come up with something. I always do.

That thing with YoYo got out of hand. I was just trying to lighten up a tense situation with the crew, and make some money. I even offered to split the take with xiao meimei but she would have none of it. She’s a good mechanic and she scares me when she gets mad. I hope she gets over it soon.

Well, back to the Cortex. I hope it stays quiet out there.



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