Wyrms in the Verse

Medical White Paper #1 unknown bloodborne pathogen.

submitted by: Shepherd Concord

During my recent crew health evaluations I stumbled across a distinct viral marker among one of them. While viewing slide 7 of crew member 3, I discovered genetic marker 46 had been trans-mutated to include a non-destruct but rapidly spreading “marker” that is unique to his physiological make-up. Crew exposure to this bloodborne pathogen would be minimal, however could be possible due to the close occupation of the common areas aboard a Firefly is unavoidable. I have run subsequent test on the remaining crew members and I am fairly certain the no others are caring this marker. Spending nearly a week using the crude testing equipment and limited stores of pharmaceuticals on hand, I have replicated what I believe is a suitable inoculation and have administrated it to crewman 3. I have made recommendations to the Capitan that all crew members should report to me every two weeks for follow-up screenings to insure no others have been exposed. It is my opinion that this advanced pathogen has been created to track the movements of its host and identify those of whom he has had contact. If my findings are correct we may have already been “marked” as I am unable to verify its exact method of transfusion or length of incubation period. While I believe it would be limited to a bodily fluid contact from the infected host, it is possible that it could have an airborne property and merely a sneeze or common conversation would be a method for infection.


Boggle. That was awesome.


Every two weeks?? Sounds like I’m gonna have to kill Shepard after all.


Your guys are to report on a rotating weekly schedule since there are so many of them. I would expect you to escort each to sickbay.


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