Wyrms in the Verse

Personal Medical Journal: Losing Sanity in the Black.

Entry by Shepherd Concord

I’m not sure if it’s the extended time I’ve spent in the black that is driving me crazy or if it’s the rag-tag group of misfits that I have hooked up with. This group is certifiable to say the least. One has a classic case of leaky brainpan but he may be the sanest of all. The mechanic often has a problem with gender awareness and is way too quick to box your head in as she is to just look at you. One of the crew feels like he is constantly hunted and everyone is out to get him and the pilot is just a raging hormone that is way too happy to spend all his money at a rim outpost on the most questionable of tchen wah. And the Captain! He is a question wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a nice flour tortilla. At any rate I think I’m finally losing my grip on reality. The other day I held against his will the renowned Dr whose medical discoveries in the area of mental manipulation are noteworthy. All the while I was convinced that he was an enemy just waiting to ahnilate us all so I kept him heavily sedated and strapped to the table. Finally after he was released by one of the crew he identified the brain manipulation preformed on the captain as being something he would have worked on. It was mentioned to the captain that the procedure could possibly be reversed and Dr Who was willing to perform it, but the captain refused. Shortly thereafter Blue Sun came and retrieved all the passengers and I soon realized that I never asked the Dr if he could at least describe the procedure so I could try to reverse it in the future if it was necessary. But with this crew, whats another hopelessly crazy person going to matter.


ENGINEER, not mechanic! I’ll hit you for that!


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