William "Billy One Eye" Rollins

Captain of Finnegan's Reef


Billy is a hard and ruthless man, completely lacking in morals and conscience. He is intelligent, however, and can be very persuasive when he wants to be. He became an outlaw at an early age and has committed almost every crime imaginable. His plan is to steal enough money to set himself up as a king on Londinum. No one knows whether he’s serious or not. Billy has been imprisoned twice for brawling. During one of those barroom brawls, broken bottles were picked up and brawl was turned into an armed melee in which he lost his left eye.

The crew ran afoul of Billy when he attempted to steal an item they had just stolen. One well place grenade later, three of Billy’s crew was dead and Wen Calloway had a new enemy in the captain of Finnegan’s Reef.

UPDATE Adelei Niska is the crime boss that hired Rollins to do the holo heist. Needless to say Mr. Niska is not pleased with Rollins or Calloway.

(created by Michael Chumbler and Jan Hendrik Friedrich)

William "Billy One Eye" Rollins

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