Ruben Laski

Wanted man, bound by law


Ruben is a muscular, broad shouldered man in his late twenties, standing a little less than six feet tall, with dark hair and brown eyes. No matter when you see him, he always appears to have a few days worth of stubble.


Ruben, A wanted man, decided he needed to lay low for a time. He saw a ship headed to Three Hills and decided that was far enough out of the way for him to book passage on the Last Resort.

Unfortunately for Laski, The Last Resort was intercepted by an Alliance ship and he decided to fight instead of being bound by law. The end result was that his bloodyfied hole filled body was turned over to the Alliance.

The crew is uncertain of the condition of Laski but if he did survive his wounds it will be a long time before he sees the light of day.

Ruben Laski

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