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The following is a list of house rules we will follow. Most of these come from the Cortex 2 system used in the BSG RPG.

  • When performing multiple actions in a round the first action has no penalty the second action gets a -1 step penalty, third action gets a -2 step penalty and so on. There will be no carry over of actions or penalties to the next round.

  • Plot Points will not be used for advancement. Only advancement points will be used and handed out during play much like plot points. The 12 plot point limit is still in effect.

  • When using Plot Points to add dice to your role you will never get a result lower than the amount of points you spent. For example, if you spend 4 plot points to role and extra d8 and role a 1, 2 or 3 it will still count as a 4.

That’s all for now but it may change as needs arise.


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