Wyrms in the Verse

Gorram Reavers!!

Posted by: Joshua Chambers

Well, thanks to me (with some help from ZiYi Hai) We found that gorram reaver ship. I think Edward Nicholas Boots has the best idea. Cutting their power and forcing them into atmo to burn up and faking our deaths in the meantime is a win win. Well for everyone but kuh-ooh duh bao jurn Blue Sun. But I could care less about them.

I just need to get Lo Wick to agree and I think the captain will give it the go ahead. Maybe I can get xiao meimei to talk to him. She can’t still be mad, I’ve said duibuqi a hundred times. If we don’t do this plan we might as well be go tsao de.

Shepherd Concordhas been quite lately. As long as he doesn’t try to tie me up and keep me unconscious I’m shiny. I hope he makes some more chili soon. That was really good.