Wyrms in the Verse

Gone, and Gone

entered by: Edward Nicholas Boots

Well, it’s been a fair number of weeks, and I’m much more calm now.

Nikki’s being gone sure helps.

What I was so upset about, so’s I don’t forget was how she tricked me into believing she was bearing my child. I mean, I’m not one to go crossin’ the Captain’s direct orders, but seein’ as I’m the last one of my family left, a baby means a lot… maybe more than following orders.

She had been sending waves for days, trying to get in touch with me. Then we just happened to be on the same planet, in the same city even! So, I figured I’d see what she wanted. Talking to Nikki wasn’t breaking orders, since I was just to stay shipside.

Well, when we spoke… what she had to say was that she was…

Well, it turned out she was just lyin’. But not only did I leave the ship, I took a crewman with me, and we was both kidnapped! Ugh! It still burns me that she lied on me like this, and set us up for a kidnappin’!

Well, the Cap’n came through, busted us out in a big way, but we ended up taking that suoyou diyu de biaozi with us when we escaped.

She kept trying to apologize when we was safely out in the black, and even though I am angry with her for what she done to me, I felt sympathy for her plight… she’s trying to find her kidnapped brother. She sure sounded sincere, but who’s to believe someone that participates in a kidnappin’ that later claims she’s got one of her own kidnapped elsewhere? Eh. I guess I believed her enough. When she left, I told her I was still angry about the whole baby thing, and I explained to her why it was so upsettin’ to me, as I’m the last of my line and all.

We parted company with a better understandin’ of each other, and I gave her 800 credits toward findin’ her brother. I hope none of the rest of the crew finds out. Best they think I’m still as furious as a hornet when it comes to Nikki. But truth is, I think I miss her every now and again.