Wyrms in the Verse

Season Two: Prologue

entered by: lordrodd

Wen Calloway sat at the table in the General Tso’s Bar and Grill on Beaumonde reflecting on the past year. His crew went through some tough times and close calls but at the end of the day everyone’s purses were a little heavier and Wen was still smilin’.

The Last Resort had seen better days to be sure but she was the only ship for Wen and his crew. ZiYi Hai was currently replacing the hydraulic converter coils on the engine. They had come at a steep price but like Yoyo said Last Resort was going to make her last trip if it wasn’t replaced.

The captain noticed Shepherd Concord sitting in the corner watching the crowd. He wondered what was going through the shepherd’s mind then thought he probably didn’t want to know. He was just glad that he had such a talented doctor with his crew, even if his methods were unique. He was surprised that the shepherd had even left the ship.

Wen was not surprised however, that Joshua Chambers had not left the ship. To say the former Parliament mission specialist turned hacker and Cortex terrorist was twitchy was a bit of an understatement. Wen just hoped that Yoyo hadn’t blacked his eye yet or worse. Not that Joshua didn’t deserve it most of the time.

Well, Lo Wick should be able to handle things on the ship if those two started something. It still amazed Wen that someone as leaky in the brainpan as Lo was, what with his “dead squad mates” always with him, was most times the voice of reason. Also, he’d not ask for a better person in a fight to watch his back.

A woman’s yelp and giggle drew his attention to the balcony overhead. Wen saw a very pretty young lady running out of a door wrapped in a sheet being chased by Edward Nicholas Boots who was not wrapped in a sheet. Well, that would take several more shots to get rid of that image. Nick had probably gone through most of his money, again. He was still one of the best pilots Wen had ever met.

“Well, I’ll be! if it isn’t Captain Smilin’ Wen Calloway.”

Wen, knowing the voice, turned and looked upon his friend. “Captain Griffiths!” Wen smiled bigger showing even more teeth. “How’s the Royale doing old friend?”

“It’s a sad day my friend,” Griffiths took a long draw from his mug. “My Royale is in a bad way and under some major repairs.”

“Last Resort is just finishing up.” Wen said. “It allowed for a nice break.”

“Ah, my friend. I’m missing out on a job I got word of.” Griffiths bemoaned.

“An easy job?” Wen asked.

“Yes,” Griffiths answered. “It’s a sweet job. A quick run to a comet, some meet and greet time with the locals and then a three day cargo haul to Regina. It pays at least a thousand square.”

“Last Resort could do it,” Wen smiled. “I’d even give you a 15% finders fee. For an old friend.”

“You’ve always been a good man Calloway.” Griffiths was smiling now. “The comets called Angel Hair. I’ll send the info over to Last Resort.”

and the adventure continues…