Edward Nicholas Boots


Agi d8 Ale d8
Str d8 Int d8
Vit d8 Wil d6

Life Points: 14

Initiative: d8 + d8

Endurance: d6 + d8

Resistance: d8 + d8

Complications - Assets
Chip on Shoulder minor Fightin’ Type minor
Hero Worship minor Healthy as a Horse minor
Overconfident minor Born Behind the Wheel
Amorous minor
Allergy – bee stings minor

Athletics d6 Climb d8 Dodge d8
Guns d6 Pistols d8 Rifles d8
Knowledge d2
Perception d6
Pilot d6 Aerial Nav d8 Astrogation d8 Helicopter d8 Space Survival d8 Mid-Bulk Transport d12
Survival d4
Tech Eng d6 Tech Repair d8 Sensors d8
Unarmed Combat d6 Brawling d8

Equipment I have stuff, OK. And a banjo.

Armor Ballistic Mesh

Weaponry Colt .45 DX Pistol

Python 6 LG

Combat Knife

AC5 Pump Shotgun


Nick was born on Whitefall, the youngest son of a transport captain, Raymond earl Boots. His father and two uncles, Samuel & Edmund, were among the original suppliers of goods to the Border Planets and Rim worlds. Disease and hard times due to the onset of the War decimated the family shipping company. Nick’s older brother Horace and sister Emma both joined the Independents, and were medaled for their various roles in combat. Too young to otherwise join the fighting, Nick stayed behind to care for their ailing mother, but when she passed there was nothing left to hold him back.

He joined the Browncoats, knowing that, like his sister and brother, he, too, had to fight for what he believed was their freedom from over-bearing, totalitarian rule. “We’re fighting the just cause. Independent thought, independent dreams, independent lives. It’s a thing worth dying for.”

Sadly for Nick, while he was still training on Three Hills, the Independents suffered a crushing defeat at the Battle of Serenity Valley. His sister and brother were both there.

His sister, Emma, was on a gunship that was shot down. And Nick had recieved the following wave concerning his older brother Horace, originally intended for their mother:

“Mrs. Boots, please don’t worry about Horace not having a Christian burial at Serenity Valley. I carried him out on my back, buried him and marked his grave.”

Nick has recently had a mysterious dream about his sister, oddly right after meeting a “Mr. Smith”...He dreamt he saw Emma, but she was dressed exactly as “Mr. Smith” was. He called out to her, and she faced him blankly… “Who are you?” she asked. “I’m your brother, Nick!” he said. “Hurm… who am I?” and Nick awakened in a cold sweat.
Nick has recently gotten his heart broken, by Nix, aka Nikki. By pretending to be bearing Nick’s child, she lured him and Josh Chambers into a situation that got them kidnapped. Being kidnapped hasn’t bothered Nick as much as the deceptive hope, and the dashing of that hope, of having a family.

He still holds to the notion that one day he will be able to have that family, and it may even be with Nix. But for now, she’s got things to take care of, and so does he.

Edward Nicholas Boots

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