Shepherd Concord

I have no cure for stupid.

Agi d6 Ale d8
Str d6 Int d10
Vit d6 Wil d8

Life Points: 14

Initiative: d6 + d8

Endurance: d6 + d8

Resistance: d2 + d2

Complications - Assets
Allergy – cats minor Highly Educated minor
Creedo minor Religiosity major
Over Confident minor Talented – General Practice minor
Lightweight minor
Scrawny minor

Artistry d6 Cooking d8
Covert d2
Discipline d6 Concentration d10
Knowledge d6 Medicine d10 Religion d8
Medical Expertise d6 General Practice d12 Surgery d10 Pharmaceuticals d8
Perception d6 Deduction d8
Pilot d4
Planetary Vehicles d6
Survival d4
Unarmed Combat d4

Presumed born to parents who fell on opposite sides during the conflict, he was left off at an obscured shaolin temple high in the New China mountains when he was 10 years old. Not being one of physical discipline he was left out of most of the training provided by the monks. He did however enjoy learning of healing powers of the mind and body using nature. Showing great promise in this area he was given more freedom to explore his medicinal talents with the shaman masters. Once reaching the age of manhood he decided to discover more about his parents and where they might be. All he has is a picture that was left in his pocket of his mother wearing a uniform of the independents holding him. Careful not to stir up any trouble he has blended in with other religious groups and settlements across many of the core, picking up “western” medical techniques he finds helpful to add his knowledge of the healing arts. Not entirely at peace with all the teachings he was subjected to by the monks he is constantly searching for the meaning of life and spirituality, following his dreams in which he is lead by a great shaman he calls Turtle

Shepherd Concord

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