Wen Calloway

A man with an uncertain past

Strength d6 Agility d8
Vitality d6 Alertness d8
Intellect d10 Willpower d8
Derived Attributes:
Life Points: 14 Initiative: d8 + d8
Endurance: d6 + d6 Resistance: d6 + d6
major fightin’ type get 1 non attack action / combat turn
minor cortex specter +8 to difficulty on background checks minor highly educated +2 steps for knowledge rolls
major credo “settle all debts before liftoff”
major uncertain past hunted? leaky brainpan? who knows
minor loyalty to the crew
minor straight shooter doesn’t lie or lie well
Athletics d6 Covert d4 Discipline d6
Guns d6 Pistols d8 Influence d4
Knowledge d6 Mechanical Engineer d4 Medical d2
Perception d6 Pilot d4 Science d6
Technical Engineering d4 Unarmed d2
ballistic mesh vest worn
utility knife left thigh
pistol holster,right leg
first aid kit pack
basic tool kit pack
50 credits pocket
620 credits ship

Wen has a past. A pointless one. A dreary childhood where he never stood out, a hum drum corporate job that kept him out of the war. No friends, no remaining family. No attachments worth mentioning. Using an unexpected windfall he walked out of his life and bought a firefly.

And that, is where the story really begins. Wen is smart, cool under fire, and good at things he has no business being good at. His nominal education on a border world doesn’t line up with the fact that he seems to know damned near everything about anything. His accent is core world, his mannerisms are military, not civilian. Most curious of all, his doings don’t stick in the cortex. Records with his name in them have a way dropping off when folks aren’t looking. His records are brief and vague. You can look him up, but you won’t find much.

Wen is pragmatic. He’s pretty sure that his past was manufactured for him, but he doesn’t know why or how. He’s keen to learn or confirm anything he can about himself. He sees his circumstances as an adventure, and he’s having a good time with it. His broad smile is genuine, and he manages to keep the crew together with a light touch. His loyalties are balanced between the crew and his desire to stay out of contention. “Settle all debts before liftoff” is his mantra, and it means that he pays back rights and wrongs done to him, quickly.

Wen Calloway

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