ZiYi Hai

quick to judge and quick to anger



Str d6 Agi d8
Vit d6 Ale d8
Int d10 Wil d6

Life Points: 12

Initiative: d8 + d8

Endurance: d6 + d6

Resistance: d6 + d6


Chip on Shoulder Minor  
Credo Major The strong should protect the weak
Allergic Minor Cats
Deadly Enemy Minor tbd
Ego Signature Minor Origami


Mechanical Empathy Minor  
Things Go Smoothly Major  
Total Recall Major  


Animal Handling d6 Training d10        
Artistry d10 Origami d8        
Guns d6 Pistol d8 Machine Gun d8    
Mechanical Engineering d6 Mech Maintenance d8 Mech Repairs d8 Create Mech d8
Technical Engineering d6 Create/Alter d8 Tech Repair d8    
Unarmed Combat d6 Karate d12        

ZiYi is an orphan, who was sold into servitude with her sister by a corrupt politician to a merchant ship captain as a child. She showed an aptitude for mechanical things, so the merchant took a liking to her, and taught her the ins and outs of running a craft. After a time, the merchant retired, and he released her from her debt.

She is quick to judge and quick to anger. ZiYi longs to revenge her lost childhood, and to find her sibling.

She restores mysql databases in her free time.

ZiYi Hai

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