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Below is a list of guidelines to follow when creating your character.

  • We will start out as Greenhorns with 42 attribute points and 62 skill points.

  • We need to make sure that we at least have the following jobs covered:
    • Pilot
    • Medic
    • Mechanic
    • Captain
    • Muscle
    • Face (Negotiator)

One character could take on more than one job you need to sort that out yourselves.

Also, does someone want to own the ship (doesn’t have to be the Captain) or do you want an NPC to own it? Doesn’t matter to me.

The following traits are are either not allowed or have special conditions set

  • Assets:
    • Good Name (major) – disallowed
    • Military Rank – must be a veteran, not active duty
    • Reader (major) – disallowed
    • Wears a Badge – disallowed

  • Complications:
    • Blind – disallowed
    • Deaf – disallowed
    • Hooked (major) – disallowed
    • Leaky Brainpan (major) – disallowed
    • Mute – disallowed
    • Sadistic – disallowed


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