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Joshua “Josh” Chambers

Hacker, Wanted by Parliament

Player Name: Doug


Agi d6 Ale d8
Str d6 Int d10
Vit d6 Wil d8

Life Points: 14

Initiative: d6 + d8

Endurance: d6 + d8

Resistance: d6 + d6

Complications - Assets
Allergy – Hay Fever minor Cortex Specter minor
Deadly Enemy – Parliament minor Friends in High Places minor
Overconfident minor Talented – Hacker minor
Twitchy minor

Covert d6 Forgery d8 Disable Devices d10
Guns d6
Knowledge d6
Technical Engineering d6 Hacking d12 Tech Security Systems d8


Joshua Chambers worked in Parliament as a support employee for the Operatives. His job was to gather intelligence, break securities and any other thing needed to help an operative on their assignment. Josh was good at his job, happy and content.

All of the changed after the Miranda “incident”. Josh lost all of his belief in the “good” of the Alliance and after leaving a nasty little virus he left his employers (bringing with him a few toys).

He has become a fugitive and tries to stay under the radar but has a hard time passing up an opportunity for mischief. Mischief as in smuggling operations, heists, anything to be a thorn in the side of the Alliance.


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